Australia Student Visa

AKKAM Immigration and Allied Services assists aspiring students who wish to study abroad to achieve their higher educational goals in a country of their choice, thereby exposing the student to global and cross-cultural opportunities in a highly competitive scenario. We offer them multiple choices to in a Global scenario across multiple cultural back ground to achieve higher academic objectives.

The consultants at AKKAM work along with the Student Aspirants to explore the best possible options that match their academic back ground and future goals in environments most suitable to them. The salient points for consideration for any student before selecting an academic institution abroad are - professional career goals, quality of education available in an institute, facilities offered by the institution/government to foreign students during the course of education and post course incentives, the finances involved, cultural and social environment and personal preferences of the student.

AKKAM staff with their expertise/knowledge help the students after discussing all the pros and cons, to shortlist their choices to a few academic institutions which most fulfils their requirements. We assist students get admission into a varied number of courses in USA, Australia, Canada, UK and other European Countries

Mail your resume and if applicable, spousal resume to contact@akkam.in for a free of charge assessment. Or simply fill-up on-line enquiry form to submit your profile with AKKAM



The services we provide are totally client oriented catering to specific requirements of each student in a multiple option global academic environments.

1. Assessment and Options

Our consultants help the student to assess the academic achievements and any work experience related to that and future academic requirements that would enable them to fulfil their career dreams.

2. Selection of the Academic Institution

Our consultants with their experienced back ground work with the student to select the country / academic institution most suitable after considering the Academic, financial, cultural, and social environments.

3. Processing of Application

AKKAM plays a significant role in the application processing by providing specialized guidance to applicants regarding documentation, Affidavits, forms, guidance in preparation of Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose etc and other requirements.

4. Financial Planning

Planning of financial aspect is important as at their face value some academic institutions appear to be beyond financial means. However there are is a variety of financial assistance like student loans and other funding sources.

5. Visa Processing

Filing and visa processing needs meticulous inputs. Being immigration experts, AKKAM team of consultants professionally manage the processing and the approval of your Student Visa applications.

6. Travel Arrangements and Accommodation

We have an associate travel agency that caters for your travel requirements depending on your needs. We provide information and assistance to students regarding the availability of hostel accommodation and finances involved.



Mail your resume and if applicable, spousal resume to contact@akkam.in for a free of charge assessment. Or simply fill-up on-line enquiry form to submit your profile with AKKAM


Australia Universities

  1. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Griffith University (CRICOS Code 00233E)
  3. University of Tasmania (UTAS) (CRICOS Code 00586B)
  4. James Cook University (JCU) Townsville & Cairns campuses. (CRICOS Code 00117J)
  5. University of Canberra. (CRICOS Code 00212K)
  6. University of South Australia(UniSA)
  7. Southern Cross University. (CRICOS Code QLD 03135E) (CRICOS Code NSW 01241G)
  8. Central Queensland University. (CRICOS Code QLD 00219C) (CRICOS Code NSW 01315F) (CRICOS Code VIC 01624D)
  9. University of Ballarat. (CRICOS Code VIC 00103D)
  10. Navitas - Australian Campus Network (ACN), Leading to Latrobe University, Sydney Campus ( (CRICOS Code 02218K)
  11. Navitas - Curtin College (CRICOS code WA:02042G, NSW: 03200A) Leading to Curtin University (CRICOS code WA: 00301J, NSW: 02637B)
  12. Navitas - Eynesbury (CRICOS code: 00561M) Leading to University of Adelaide (CRICOS code: 00123M)
  13. Navitas - Eynesbury (CRICOS code: 00561M) Leading to University of South Australia (CRICOS code: 00121B)
  14. Navitas - LaTrobe Melbourne (CRICOS code: 03312D) Leading to LaTrobe University (CRICOS code: 00115M)
  15. Navitas - Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS code: 01590J) Leading to Deakin University (CRICOS code: 00113B)
  16. Navitas - Macquarie City Campus Leading to Macquarie University (CRICOS code:00002J)
  17. Navitas - Perth Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS code: 01312J) Leading to Edith Cowan University (CRICOS code: 00279B) Edith Cowan University (CRICOS code: 00279B)
  18. Navitas - Queensland Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS code: 01737F) Leading to Griffith University (CRICOS code: 00233E)
  19. Navitas - South Australia Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS code: 02193C) Leading to University of South Australia (CRICOS code: 00121B)
  20. Navitas - Sydney Institute of Business & Technology (CRICOS code:01576G) Leading to Macquqrie University (CRICOS code: 00002J)
  21. Navitas Newcastle International College (CRICOS code: 03293B) Leading to University of Newcastle (CRICOS code: 00109J)
  22. Kaplan - Bradford College (CRICOS code: 02426B) Leading to University of Adelaide (CRICOS code: 00123M)
  23. Kaplan - Murdoch Institute of Technology (CRICOS code: 03127E) Leading to Murdoch University (CRICOS code: 00125J)
  24. James Cook University, Brisbane campus. (CRICOS Code: 00117J)
  25. Southern Cross University, Sydney Campus (CRICOS QLD 03135E code: 00002J)
  26. University of Southern Queensland, Sydney Campus. (CRICOS code: NSW 02225M)
  27. Education and Training International, Western Australia (CRICOS Code :00020G/01723A)
  28. Cambridge International College, Australia (CRICOS Code: 01718J)