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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

If Being Canadian is your Desire then we are here to guide you with the right path for Immigration Process.

The immigration process is complicated as it is required to undergo various steps to successfully apply and get Canada Immigration approved.

Akkam Overseas is the Best service provider in Hyderabad where we can say that our ultimate goal is to help our customers with a make-it-easy process to apply for Canada PR. Our specialized trained Team is here with Best practices providing the Top Class Services where our ultimate goal is to have a High number of Canada PR Grants.

Akkam gives the Best assistance and support in every step of your PR Process such as :

  • Information for various Pathways of PR.
  • Gives the accurate knowledge of reaching the required PR Points.
  • Gives the process Knowledge with our Experts.
  • Verifies and enables to submit Error-Free Documentation.
  • Enables to Perform all Legal Formalities till the end step to get PR
  • approved.
  • Easy approachable to offices and seek guidance from our Experts.
  • #1 Among Top 10 promising consultancies by Silicon India Magazine 2017-18.
  • Platinum Partner for IELTS and PTE.
  • Achieved the Excellence award by CEO and U & I Magazine in 2018-19.
  • 6 Walk-In Offices positioned throughout the Country and 2 overseas
  • consulting Branches.
  • Over 17865 VISAApplications Processed.
  • We are ISO registered 9001:2015 certified Immigration Consultant.
  • With a Team of Qualified Immigration Experts with 10+ years of experience where most of our clients are by word of mouth.

Helps in guiding the important factors required for Process such as :

  • Financial Eligibilities.
  • Adaptability factors.
  • Contribution capacity as per economic aspects.
  • Language Skills.
  • Work Exposure.

Akkam Being Expert in consulting for CANADA PR PROCESS in the City where our expert team enables you to take through every step of the Process and generates every possibility for the Application to be approved.

Immigration to Canada is possible in the following ways:

  • FSWP - Federal Skilled Worker Program - The Federal Trained Proficient Migrant Program.
  • PNP - Provincial Nominee Program - For Provincial Sponsorships.

The Federal Skilled Migration is the popular pathway from India to immigrate to Canada. It offers freedom to travel and work anywhere in Canada. This is undergoing a transformation now to make the program more efficient towards the Canadian economy. It's going to encourage the younger people to participate in the labor pool of Canada for a longer period.

The evaluation of your academic credentials from a specified assessment agency is the most important step of the new system. The candidates with neutral and positive verification advice can file for Canada Permanent Residence.

Another pathway to Canadian immigration is through provincial sponsorship. Different provinces run different sponsorship programs in coordination with CIC - Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The critical aspects needed for any program no matter its Federal or PNP are:

  • Language Skills.
  • Work Exposure.
  • Financial eligibility.
  • Adaptability factors.
  • Contribution capacity as per economic aspects.

A job offer in hand can be an additional advantage.

  • Eligibility Criteria.
    • Education: 10+2+3.
    • Required Language Ability.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
  • Employer Sponsor Program (ESP).

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was launched in 2017 by the federal government and provincial government partners to invite more than 7000 immigrants and their families to the Atlantic region of Canada by the year 2021. AIPP came into existence to fill the requirements of local communities and employers. This 3-year pilot program lets the local employers search, recruit and retain talent from across the world. This program also aims for growth in employment rates and an increasingly skilled workforce.

The Employer Sponsor Program of Akkam is the new pathway to immigrate to Canada. When you sign up for our Employer Sponsor Program (ESP), you will have an opportunity to be interviewed by employers of Canada. Your resume will be reviewed and recommended to any suitable employer who is hiring for a particular position. When an applicant successfully clears the interview, then he/she will receive a Work Permit followed by PR. Thus you can bring your family to Canada for a prosperous life

Finding a relied on and dependable visa consultancy eventually becomes extra challenging than getting a visa because these whosoever are unknown with the industry.

The visa then immigration enterprise is comparable including a variety of controversies or frauds, yet because of the proper reason. Many immigration consultants whosoever claim in imitation of false the auspicious fast have a dark aspect so only surfaces since repayments have been made.


  • What is the processing time to immigrate Canada?

    The time can vary from 10-12 months, but sometimes can be less or more as they differ, based on the type and the number of applications processed by Canadian immigration

  • Is Job Offer mandatory to migrate Canada?

    It is not mandatory to have Job Offer from Canada to migrate however without Job offer you can travel to Canada based on the below programs
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Business Immigration
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and
    • some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

  • What are the different ways to travel Canada?

    There are 2 ways a person can travel to Canada i.e. Temporary Visa and Permanent Visa Person can travel to Canada temporarily on Work, Study or Visit Visa

  • What are the reasons that a Canada PR application may refused?

    The application will get refuse if you are submitting incomplete application or fraudulent documents. Therefore, suggestion is to go with professionals, whose supervision is required before submitting an application to Canada immigration.

  • What is the process after Creating an Canada Express Entry Profile?

    Once after submitting the profile in Canada Express Entry, your file will be moved into the Express Entry pool and you might be qualified for any one of the different immigration programs. There is an option to make changes to your Express Entry profile, which could increase chances of giving an invitation to apply. You will receive an ITA if you meet the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System cut-off threshold.