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Canada has always been the favored destination for immigrants from all over the world, as per the top 10 canada immigration consultants in hyderabad. Better career opportunities, social security, better educational systems, world-class medical systems, and a prosperous life with a stable future attract people to immigrate to Canada. Canada is a young country and is often called the “paradise for immigrants”, as stated by top PR consultants for canada pr.

It has one of the most positive and valuable immigration policies in the world. It admits over 200,000 immigrants every year. Here are the reasons why you should choose to immigrate to Canada.

What are the eligibility requirements for Canada PR?

Securing your Canada PR Process for a victorious return is always key here. To do the same, understanding the eligibility criteria matters a lot. Just with any other country, there are certain eligibility requirements for Canada, broadly classified as such:

There are several sub-sections within these categories, however, these are the 3 aspects you need to consider. Nailing the CRS score calculator for Canada PR is the end-goal and Akkam Overseas, Hyderabad strives to provide the right amount of guidance to you for a smooth sail.

What is the process for Canada PR?

Akkam Overseas, the best consultancy for Canada PR in hyderabad advises you to gather all the information regarding Canada PR before heading straight for the goal. Knowledge matters a lot and the process can be seemingly segregated into these three points:

  • Express Entry Profile
  • Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Application and Approval

Whichever Canada pr consultants in hyderabad you visit, this is the pathway you’ll be shown. However, for a comprehensive breakdown of all aspects and complete assistance for you to achieve your dreams, Akkam Overseas brings forth a customized, streamlined strategy.


Canada Immigration Eligibility Checker

Are you eager to move to Canada in 2023 -24? If yes, then you can check your eligibility and make your dream a reality. Just fill out our online form and get a free calculation report immediately.

Top Reasons to immigrate to Canada

  • Free medicals and education.
  • Successful immigration including family members.
  • Dual citizenship.
  • Eligibility for citizenship after 3 years stay in Canada.
  • Access to the markets of Mexico and the United States based on the NAFTA Agreement.
  • More opportunities for software professionals in the Information Technology Sector, as per the Best consultancy for Canada PR in hyderabad.
  • Immigration possibilities for Investors and skilled workers.
How to Apply for Canada PR

Immigration to Canada is possible through the following ways:

  • FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program – The Federal Trained Proficient Migrant Program.
  • PNP – Provincial Nominee Program – For Provincial Sponsorships.

The Federal Skilled Migration is the popular pathway from India to immigrate to Canada, the Best consultancy for Canada PR in Hyderabad suggests. It offers the freedom to travel and work anywhere in Canada.

This is transforming now to make the program more efficient for the Canadian economy. It’s going to encourage the younger people to participate in the labor pool of Canada for a longer period.

Language proficiency is kept on priority in the new system because it’s the most important factor for the immigrants and their families to adapt to Canadian society, for a fabulous score on the CRS score calculator for Canada pr.

The critical aspects needed for any program no matter it is Federal or PNP are:

  • Language Skills
  • Work Exposure
  • Financial eligibilities
  • Adaptability factors
  • Contribution capacity as per economic aspects

A job offer in hand can be an additional advantage.

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How to Check Canada PR Points Using the CRS Score Calculator?

The Canadian government has developed a merit-based points system for fair entry into the Great White North. Several aspects consider your case for the Canada PR Process. Akkam Overseas has condensed the overall procedure to these three points given below:

  • Access CRS Calculator

Use the official CRS calculator on the IRCC Website.

  • Fill out the details

Input all the necessary information such as your age, experience, language proficiency, etc.

  • Calculate the score

With all the information input, calculate the score and hence, the possibility of you getting the impressive Canada PR Visa. 

Don’t worry about How to apply for a Canada PR or how to use the CRS calculator for Canada PR Hyderabad. Akkam Overseas has got your back by providing the optimum amount of assistance for a successful application and approval of your PR Visa. Stay relaxed and take the next big step of your life hassle-free.

Most Frequently Asked Questions for Canada PR

Canada's PR points calculator is vital for Permanent Residency eligibility, considering factors like age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and adaptability in Hyderabad. Calculating your CRS score with this tool affects your ITA chances, emphasizing the need for staying informed about evolving requirements for successful Canadian immigration.
For Indians navigating Canadian PR requirements, expert guidance is essential. Akkam Overseas, a leading Canada PR Consultancy in Hyderabad, provides tailored advice and assistance, streamlining the intricate process of eligibility, document submissions, and language proficiency tests. Standing out as the best consultancy, Akkam Overseas offers a personalized approach, deep understanding of the immigration landscape, and a proven track record for aspiring immigrants.
Akkam Overseas, a prominent PR Immigration company in Hyderabad, takes immense pride in offering top-notch Canada PR Immigration services. Our comprehensive packages cover the total cost, handling all details and paperwork, ensuring ease of business. Our expert team minimizes hassles, optimizing success chances. As the best Canada PR immigration service in Hyderabad, we provide tailored solutions within your budget, ensuring a smooth journey to Canadian permanent residency.
Canada provides diverse PR pathways, each with specific criteria. PR immigration companies in Hyderabad, such as Akkam Overseas, offer expert guidance to navigate the complex process. As a leading consultancy, we streamline procedures, assess eligibility, and aid in documentation, enhancing success chances. Our experienced team ensures smooth navigation of requirements, making your Canada PR journey more accessible. Professional guidance significantly simplifies the inherently challenging process.
Wondering if 400 points suffice for Canada PR? While a score of 400 in the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) can make you eligible, success isn't guaranteed. The minimum required score varies with each draw. Akkam Overseas, the best Canada PR immigration consultants in Hyderabad, recommends aiming for a higher CRS score to enhance your chances.
Curious about a 450-point score for Canada PR? While a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score of 450 can qualify you, it's crucial to note that cutoffs fluctuate with each draw. Akkam Overseas, the best Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad, advises aiming higher to ensure a stronger application. With our guidance, your chances improve significantly.
Dreaming of Canada PR with a CRS score of 470? Achieving a score of 470 in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a promising achievement, enhancing your eligibility. However, success depends on various factors, including draw cutoffs and the overall applicant pool.

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