Obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence visa is not as easy as one thinks it is. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to make your ordeal considerably better than normal. Akkam Overseas Consultancy has you covered with these pieces of advice.

Express Entry candidates, here are the set of steps that you can follow to increase your Comprehensive Ranking System score for a successful Canada PR Visa. Express Entry is one of the most popular and expedited routes to Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). However, only those individuals with the highest CRS score are invited to apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residency.

  • Apart from the non-express entry processing options such as provincial nomination programs and Job offer routes, this one takes the least amount of time.
  • Raise in the demand for a Work profile (National Occupational Classification (NOC)) code in the provinces is required for an application to get picked and these NOC Codes’ demands might vary for every draw which gives an equal opportunity for most of all the profiles.

Because applicants in the Express Entry pool must compete with one another to be accepted, it is critical to understand the numerous approaches to improve your CRS score.

If you have already submitted your Express Entry profile and your CRS score is lower than what is required, you have many alternatives for increasing your CRS score.

Ways to calculate the CRS Score

After determining your eligibility requirements within one of the Express Entry-associated immigration channels, create an Express Entry profile, and receive a CRS score and wait for your invitation to apply, but this will only happen if you have a high CRS score. Without it, the wait might be prolonged, or will have to check for Provincial Nomination Programs.

Acquire the necessary points to become eligible

There may still be parts of the CRS score where you haven’t claimed all of the points that you are entitled to. Examine the list below in-depth and ensure that you have claimed points for all of the factors that apply to your specific profile.


A factor that increases the score of claiming points and weightage for a profile under the Express Entry Program and Provinces. Having completed more than 3 years of graduate courses from a recognized institution will help your profile to gain good scores, but completing any degree higher than the graduation will increase points.

Education in Canada will further increase candidates’ Comprehensive Ranking System points.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report is a mandatory document that needs to be procured if your education is from any foreign institution or university except Canada.

Taking your language examinations

The IELTS test consists of 4 modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking like any other language test that proves your skills in individual bands for which you can claim points is also necessary for your Canada PR Visa. This specific scorecard helps to understand whether the CLB 7 level is reached or not.

The maximum score one can achieve in these modules is 9 in each band. However, Listening-8 and the rest of the bands 7 in each will help you to gain CLB9, which gives reasonably high scores for a profile.

Akkam Overseas Immigration Experts can advise you on the best techniques for obtaining the needed language score.

Follow these tips before reappearing for your English Language tests:

  • Understand the Band Score thoroughly
  • Attempt the practice test questions once again
  • Consider taking the official practice tests for utmost clarity
  • Introduce English in your daily life activities for a heightened grasp

Provincial Nominee Programs

Any province would invite an applicant based on the eligibility criteria and profile demand in their province and If you receive a nomination by a specific province in Canada, you can boost your CRS score by up to 600 points excluding the existing CRS Score.

Under the PNP stream, IRCC is gradually providing provinces with more preferences. In turn, these provinces look to the Express Entry pool and pick applicants who will benefit the province's economy to increase through in-demand skill sets and job experience.

PNP Requirements:

  • Specific skilled labor needs for the given province.
  • Ability to contribute to the local economy with your skills.
  • Sufficient work experience before heading for the job offer.

PNP eligibility will differ from one province to another. Akkam Overseas experts will help you better understand.

Examine your Canadian employment offer

The employment offer should fulfill a tight set of conditions to claim specific points under the job offer received from Canada in the Express Entry System. As mentioned above, your job should also be beneficial to the Canadian economy as a whole.

Although the benefit of receiving a job offer that will contribute to your CRS score with a minimum of 50 or Maximum of 200 CRS points, receiving a qualified job offer is an essential consideration.

These are some pieces of advice you can implement in your process of gaining a Canada PR Visa. However, many minuscule details might stay unaddressed. Akkam Overseas has got you covered with the entire procedure with specific and dedicated teams. Give us a call right now and book a consultation session.