With the extension of its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Nova Scotia, a stunning province in Canada, is throwing open its doors to foreign medical experts. The recent statement, which was made jointly by Ministers of Health and Advanced Education in Nova Scotia, Michelle Thompson, and Brian Wong, reveals a fantastic opportunity for those who are interested in healthcare, especially in the areas of paramedicine and pharmacy technology.

The province’s action is growing the PNP’s “International Graduates in Demand” (IGD) stream. Paramedics and pharmacy technicians are now able to apply to this stream, which was previously restricted to jobs like nurse aides and early childhood educators.

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Opportunity for Healthcare Professionals

Candidates must fulfill specific requirements to be considered for this opportunity, such as having a full-time permanent work offer from a Nova Scotian employer, being between the ages of 21 and 55, having completed at least high school, and having the required certifications. Completing a 30-week educational program, at least half of which must be completed in Nova Scotia, language competency, and financial preparedness to live in the province are additional requirements.

Using the IGD stream to apply for immigration entails filling out an application and providing the necessary files to the official website. After obtaining their provincial nomination certificate, successful applicants have six months to apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Permanent Residence (PR).

  • The increasing need for healthcare workers in Nova Scotia led to the addition of paramedics and pharmacy technicians to the IGD stream. 
  • The head of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia estimates that the need for pharmacy technicians will increase to about 200 in the upcoming years. 
  • Emergency Medical Care Inc. further projects that 150–200 paramedic jobs will be open to overseas students.

This growth is in line with Canada’s overall demand for healthcare personnel. The top three healthcare occupations in demand in 2023, according to Randstad, are healthcare aides, personal support workers, and registered nurses. Interestingly, the IGD stream allows Healthcare Aides to immigrate to Nova Scotia as well.

Because there is a need for medical professionals outside of Nova Scotia, the IRCC is holding category-based Express Entry drawings. The purpose of these draws is to entice applicants who have recently worked in the healthcare industry. The employment outlook further shows the country’s dire need for qualified healthcare professionals for professions including registered nurses, personal support workers, and healthcare assistants.

  • Two Express Entry lotteries based on healthcare categories were previously held in Canada in 2023, and Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence were sent out. 
  • Candidates having Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores of at least 476 and 463 in the corresponding draws were taken into consideration.

The enlarged PNP in Nova Scotia presents a special chance for medical professionals thinking about relocating to the province to participate in the developing healthcare scene. For people looking for a rewarding job in the healthcare industry, Nova Scotia is a desirable location because of the province’s friendly attitude and larger Canadian attempts to attract healthcare expertise.

In conclusion, those enthusiastic about changing the healthcare business should seize the opportunity presented by Nova Scotia’s immigration laws for healthcare professionals. Nova Scotia is a potential location for those seeking to start a fulfilling career in healthcare because of the province’s dedication to filling labor market shortages and the general need for healthcare personnel in Canada.