As we all know, moving from one country to another requires a plethora of documentation and processes to fall one after the other into a proper sequence. Otherwise, it’ll lead to several conundrums and rejections.

Focusing on immigration, Canada invites over 300,000 immigrants from all across the world every year. There are several reasons why people choose Canada, as we understand:

  • High-quality education
  • Job prospects
  • A higher standard of living, etc.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the governing body that handles all types of immigration and sets up the relevant criteria needed. Yet, since mistakes are always a possibility, the said governing body also filters out a superabundance of applicants.

You could also be a part of the list and Akkam Overseas will help you overcome the hump monumentally. Here are some of the most typical mistakes applicants make while submitting their Canadian PR application:

The police certificate does not follow IRCC requirements

  • To be considered for permanent residency, the applicant and his or her family members (18 and older) must provide a police certificate.
  • A police certificate is required from any nation where the applicant or a family member has resided for 6 months or more in the past ten years.

The employment letter does not fulfill the standards

An employment letter is a necessary document in many immigration processes to establish job experience. The reference letter must include:

  • The position held
  • Hours
  • Salary
  • Working conditions
  • A description of job tasks
  • The employer’s signature, and
  • Corporate data such as address and contact info.

These conditions need to be fulfilled in every sense of imagination for you as an applicant. Otherwise, your application is due to get rejected without further consideration.

Errors in document gathering

Proper paperwork is critical in the immigration process. With so many papers to provide in the application, it needs a great deal of attention to detail to prevent forgetting some important documentation/information or missing the deadline.

  • Document collecting necessitates solid organizational skills as well as attention to detail deadlines and requirements.
  • A small error or omitted detail in the documentation might cause the application process to be delayed.

Inadequate language exam results

Several permanent and temporary residence options need proof of linguistic fluency in English or French. The Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) method is used to define language competency. The applicants’ language competence is evaluated by reading, writing, speaking, listening, or a combination of the four.

  • Failing to meet the given requirements can easily lead to monumental dissatisfaction.
  • Gaining a PR Visa comprehensively needs to you learn either of the languages used extensively in mainland Canada.

IELTS and CELPIP are the English language exams that are being considered currently and by this November 2023 PTE might get added to this list.

TEF is the only French language exam being considered for the Canada Immigration process.

Openly defying permit or immigrant status restrictions

You should be conscious of the requirements mentioned in your status/permit, whether you are a visitor, worker, or student. Disobeying the requirements of the permit/status may result in rejection, inadmissibility, and/or invalidation of the permit/status.

This usually happens whenever any candidate:

  • stays longer than authorized
  • works or studies without the required authorization, etc.

Personal history discrepancies

For applications such as permanent residency and temporary residency, individuals must provide a complete travel history, personal history, job history, and educational background. The chronology should not reflect any voids with unexplained facts, regardless of their duration.

Not only does this bring forth a sense of defrauding, but it might also lead to legal action against your name if it brings any kind of hassle to any organization in Canada.


Presenting false or misleading information to the Canadian government may cause the application to be delayed or even denied. In addition, the applicant may be prevented from seeking Canadian immigration for several years.

Moving to Canada is an exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful one fraught with hurdles and complications. For candidates and their families, Canadian immigration is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The majority of petitions are decided based on the information and/or documents given upon submission, thus applicants must complete their visa applications with due attention and care.

This is where Akkam Overseas Consultancy comes into the picture. The process is streamlined for you with little to no hassles ahead. Gaining a Canadian PR Visa would be easier for us. Get in touch with us for the best time of your life.